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The Kava Ritual

Our Personal Kava Rituals

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We enjoy our kava routine. It is our new ritual. We have a beautiful water garden with goldfishes and we go out to feed them twice a day. The evening feeding is the perfect time for our kava. At 5:30 after a long working day, we prepare our kava, and go sit outside with our precious and beloved pet fishes. The kava puts our mind at ease and fills us with aloha. We are so thankful for all we've got. We have a lush forest with vinegar trees, and it can look pretty tropical when they are in bloom! The birds like the water garden and they come to drink and bathe. We like to talk about our memories of Hawaii and enjoy the warmth of the same sun!!

On this page you will find a collection of our special moments while drinking kava. Some days are just like any other day but then there are those special ones where you just feel like hitting "Pause" and living the moment forever.

We'd love to hear from you! How do you enjoy your Kava? Contact us by email.

Thank God for kava! (in Bromont, Qc, Canada)
Kava Mahakea (Hawaii)
We are so grateful for kava. We would like to thank life to enable us to drink kava everyday. The experience of kava in summer is the best but with the arrival of winter and of a few overwhelming events, kava warms our hearts and brings us back to life’s rhythm; the rhythm of life that runs its course no matter what happens. Why put off tomorrow what you can do today? Well, sometimes we have to know when to stop and tell ourselves tomorrow is another day.

We’re still hoping one day Health Canada will enable us to buy kava in stores (in its natural form). Until then let’s be thankful for being able to import kava for our personal consumption: you have found the best place to get premium quality kava!

A Special Equation (in Bromont, Qc, Canada)

Kava Mahakea (Hawaii)

Today, during our ritual, we got caught by the rain. It came fast. We weren't expecting it. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and suddenly we had to run to the deck for cover. Blue sky + sun + rain = a good recipe for a rainbow! We had the nicest rainbow we've seen since our ride from Mauna Kea to Waimea on the Big Island in Hawaii!! Every time we have our Kava, we have a revelation and something special happens.

A Red Flower (in Bromont, Qc, Canada)
Kava Mahakea (Hawaii)

I'm having my kava and I'm thinking "Buckley Cough Syrup" is delicious compared to kava: It tastes bad and it works! I'm looking at the bowl and I'm afraid to drink. I feel like someone who has to jump out of a plane to skydive. I know it's going to be a thrill but it's just against my instincts. As usual I was able to find the courage, said Bula! And drank my bowl and made the Hawaiian Warrior face!

As the nice feeling kicks in I bring my hands to my hair to replace my hair clip. I had a red flower attached to it. Where does this flower come from? And then I remember it must have got caught this morning as I was watering and removing the buds from the hanging flowers! I spent the whole day without knowing I had a flower in my hair! I even went for a walk around the block. Talk about aloha!

Tongan Kava (in Bromont, Qc, Canada)

This is the third batch I make this year of my favorite kava which is from Tonga. This time I put a bit more powder and a bit less liquid to make a stronger brew. It definitely tastes stronger than usual but I still prefer it to any other kava I've tried so far. The instructions on the bag say to put 1Tbsp per cup of water and I put 1.5 Tbsp per 200ml.

I am sipping this one. I put 80ml of liquid in my coconut shell. My tongue is starting to feel numb. My eyes feel numb as well. Slowly I feel kind of drunk and all relaxed. Time seems to stop. The colors of the trees out my window seem brighter.

I'm thinking if more hippies drank kava in the sixties, less would have died from overdoses or from jumping off of bridges and building while on LSD. Kava is all about peace, love, joy and contentment. And the beauty of it is that the "High" doesn't last more than a couple of hours. You definitely feel relaxed for longer though.

I'm not sure now how much I ingested but I think I still have half of what I made left. I feel like I've had enough for today and will save the rest in the fridge for tomorrow. It'll be nice and cold.

Starwest Botanicals Fiji Kava (in Bromont, Qc, Canada)

We finally received our kava we ordered from Starwest Botanicals. It came in a reasonable sized box with recycled and recyclable mini inflated bags. Neat! Their kava comes in a sealed opaque zipper bag. We make a point of trying all the kava we promote because we have principles. I actually got a phone call from Leah at Starwest right after the package came in and she told me that unfortunately she wasn’t able to find out what variety of kava they sell. Well, it doesn’t matter that much since I can tell you it is very good stuff! It smells and tastes a little like the Tongan kava but is much darker in color which is sort of a chocolaty brown. It has a light and smooth taste. It is a very good value. They get our Seal of Approval! I tried a light version just in case it wouldn’t make me feel good, i.e. nauseous or give me a headache. There was a Pepto Bismol ad on my Yahoo page saying I was covered! Great! No need for Pepto Bismol though. This kava is good, and if it’s a blend, it is a well balanced one. We definitely highly recommend it. Try Starwest Botanical Fijian kava today!

Starwest Botanicals have been in business for a long time. They offer an excellent service. Their kava from Fiji is very potent and almost has no side effect. It is very dark yet has a smooth taste. They have so many interesting products you won’t know where to start. Start with the kava, and then add some other items to your order. Buy yourself something special along with your kava… you deserve it!

We'd love to hear from you! How do you enjoy your Kava? Contact us by email.


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